How Well Do You Know Maximum Ride? (HARD)

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There are many people who call themselves Maximum Ride fans, but few who are true to the series. Are you a true fan or do you just think you are? This quiz will test that for sure!

I'm sure that if Max could see you now, she'd be giving you a pat on the back and telling you to go for the 100%! Max and I wish you the best of luck, my friend.

Created by: ShadowEclipse
  1. What is the name of Max's favorite singer?
  2. What chapter in MAX, did Fang and Max go on their first official date?
  3. When does Total first meet Akila?
  4. From Nevermore: what does Jeb say Fang's DNA holds the secret to?
  5. In what chapter of Nevermore does Dylan think this: Ohhh. Note to self: there is a reason max calls Nudge "the Vortex of Friendly, Chattery, Bambi-Eyed Doom."?
  6. What does Gazzy get stung by in MAX while they're in Hawaii?
  7. In FANG, what animal is Mr. Chu when Gazzy and Iggy pull of his human head?
  8. What is Maya's new haircut in Nevermore?
  9. In what part of Arizona did Nudge possibly find her mom?
  10. What did Max think the people in Britain called biscuits?
  11. Where was Fang when Maya joined his gang?
  12. Was this quiz hard?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Maximum Ride? (HARD)