Maximum Ride Quiz

Theres nothing to fear but fear itself. Tell that to MAXIMUM RIDE! This series is a breath-taking, teen loving, action-STUFFED series that ALL of the fan take.

Take this quiz and see if you are REALLY a true max fan. See if you REALLY know whats going on or just a slut with the book. TAKE THE QUIZ AND SEE IF YOU REALLY HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO THE AMAZING FLOCK AND THEY'RE AMZING ADVENTURES!

Created by: Martine
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  1. Did one of the flock find they're parents?
  2. What is one of angels powers?
  3. What is the name of one of Fangs girlfriends?
  4. What are Iggy & Gasman good at?
  5. What happened to Jeb in the first book
  6. Who is the charecter who wants to be in the lead in book: Fang
  7. What does the flock call the scientists?
  8. What power can Nudge do?
  9. So far in the series, which adult does the flock trust the most out of all? (not including when they stopped trusting in book: ANGEL)
  10. Which charecter are you?

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