Are you a Matt Cardle fan?

Matt Cardle is awesome. Or I think so. He won X-Factor this year, and he's really popular and has loads and loads of fans and he's got loads of 'followers' on

Are YOU one of those crazy Matt Cardle fans? Are YOU just like me or are you just imagining you love him so much? Just take my quiz, and you'll know if you're a crazy Matt Cardle fan or if you just kind of like him or if you hate him.

Created by: 123456
  1. What's his middle name?
  2. Who did Matt sing a duet with on X-Factor?
  3. Which of the following songs did he *NOT* sing on X-Factor?
  4. How many record labels does he have?
  5. How many weeks was Matt Cardle's single 'When We Collide' the UK number 1 single?
  6. Who's song was 'When We Collide' originally?
  7. What was the version of 'When We Collide' you said about above called?
  8. Do you think Matt Cardle's version and the other version are as good or do you think Matt Cardle's version is better or do you think the other version is better?
  9. Which organ did Matt Cardle have out when he was 2?
  10. As well as vocals (singing), what instrument does Matt play?
  11. What was Matt's most recent job?
  12. What does Matt commonly write on his twitter page?
  13. How much do you like Matt Cardle on a scale of 1 - 6? 1 being love and 6 being hate and would like him dead.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Matt Cardle fan?