are you a match for me (girls only)

(girls only)are you single? want a boyfriend? im a single ten year old boy. are you the perfect match for me?am i the perfect match for you? take the quiz and find out.

so do you want a boyfriend? cause im in fith grade and want a girlfriend? so do you want a boyfriend? take thi quiz to see if we are a perfect match... you know you wanna

Created by: NeyDay

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you about ten years old
  2. are you single
  3. have you ever had a bf
  4. have you ever kissed someone
  5. do you like guys
  6. are you a guy
  7. are you a girl
  8. do you like video games
  9. do you like diary of a wimpy kid
  10. do you like star wars
  11. based on the questions would you consider dating me
  12. do you live in north carolina
  13. do you live in rocky mount nc
  14. are you in fifth grade
  15. did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a match for me (girls only)