are you a maple leafs fan?

throughout canada and the united states there are many hockey fans. at most games the majourity of the fans are cheering for the home team. not with the maple leafs. i go to boston bruins games and when the bruins play toronto about 50% of the crowd is cheering for toronto - sometimes more.

are YOU a true maple leafs fan? take a couple of minutes to take my quiz and see if you're a real leafs fan. if you are, this quiz should be easy; if not, well, try your hardest and hope for the best.

Created by: greybaby2

  1. who is the current captain of the maple leafs?
  2. in the 2006 - 2007 season, what place did toronto finish in the conference?
  3. before they became the maple leafs, which name was the toronto hockey franchise NOT known as?
  4. how many dynasties did the maple leafs have?
  5. how many stanley cups have the maple leafs won?
  6. in what year did toronto NOT win a stanley cup?
  7. how many current toronto players were 2006 olympians?
  8. on 3 april 1933 the maple leafs played their longest amount of playoff overtime hockey in a single game. how long did they play?
  9. true or false: during the first year of the maple leafs existance, the team colours were green and white.
  10. how many numbers have the maple leafs retired?
  11. how many points (not including the stem) are currently on the leaf that's on the front of toronto's home and away jerseys?

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Quiz topic: Am I a maple leafs fan?