Are you a man killer?

This quiz is based on woman who cant see what they are doing and what there boyfriends are thinking of them,Many boys go hangout with their guy friends and tell them how crazy their girlfriend is.This quiz can help many of you clean up your act!

ARE you A LITTLE OVER THE CRAZY SIDE OR STRESSING OUT A LOT!?Do you have a relationship that isn't really working out and you know its you killing the relationship.CHECK THIS OUT.

Created by: monica

  1. You see your boyfriend walking and talking to a woman you never seen before so you...
  2. Your out with your boy friend one day and a Really pretty girl passes by.You see that she was wearing a tube skirt& she curled her hair.You decide to tryout the new look to impress your boyfriend, He doesn't even notice! So you...
  3. Your boyfriend has a friend that's a girl you...
  4. Your boyfriend wants to be with his friends and not with you tonight so you..
  5. One night you & your boyfriend Randomly start arguing .You, knowing your temper start ..
  6. Your boyfriend hasn't called or texted you all day.You haven't even seen him all weekend so you..
  7. "love" means ?
  8. When you look at your boyfriend
  9. You ask him something you thought that he would do or answer correctly but he says no or he wont do it.This is one of the things that was important to you so..
  10. Last question..Was this quiz interesting and at least fun?

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Quiz topic: Am I a man killer?