which type of girlfriend would you be?

This quiz is for GIRLS ONLY. and for those who are in a relationship or have been in one. boys don't even try it, believe me, you'll only be bored. seriously.

This quiz will show you what you need to work on in the relationship department because, let's face it, not all relationship problems are because of the guy.

Created by: jasmine101
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  1. Where would your ideal first date be?
  2. How many fights have you had with your boyfriend?
  3. What do you say when you ask you boyfriend to hang out, but he has plans with friends?
  4. When you ask your boyfriend for favors........ they are?
  5. You and you man talk about.....
  6. what do you do when you find out your boyfriend lied to you about something small. like instead of at the library, he was at the park with friends.
  7. Say your boyfriend really wants you to go to this show with him, he's been talking about it for weeks. But your friends decide to go to an awesome concert that night too....what do you do?
  8. say you want to wait to be "intimate" and your boyfriend doesn't have the same idea what you do is....?
  9. You're friends tell you to ditch your date with your man for a night out of shopping with them. they tell you he'll never be the wiser, pretend you're sick. you...?
  10. Say your boyfriend is home sick or out of town and you're out at a party or somewhere with your friends. A hot guy starts hitting on you and he's really nice you....?

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