What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You?

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There are many kinds of girlfriends out there. Every woman is a great girlfriend in her own way. Weather she be jealous or supportive. It all fits into her unique personality.

Find out what kind of girlfriend you are now by taking this quiz. Will you be the supportive girlfriend or the jealous one?? Who knows but you can easily find out in minutes.

Created by: Mae of Facebook
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  1. How would you rather spend a romantic night in with your guy?
  2. Witch of these tv shows would you watch with your guy.
  3. Witch of these Tv shows would you have your guy watch with you.
  4. If your guy wants to watch a different movie from the 1 you want to watch what do you do.
  5. If a female cashier flirts with your guy and it" slips his mind" to tell you what would you do.
  6. Which is you favorite sport?
  7. How many of your guys friends do you get along with?
  8. What makes your guy unique?
  9. If your guy wanted a guys night for his birthday would you be ok with it.
  10. Do you compromise with your guy?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Girlfriend am I?