Are you a Maine-iac?

Anyone from Maine might know that there is more to being a "mainer" then just living there. You have to be born there, you have to know the culture and you have to live it. Anyone can know some random facts about a state, but it is the culture that defines its uniqueness. Are you a "Maine-iac?"

Are you a Maine-iac? do you know what it means to be one? have you got what it takes to be more then just a resident of Maine? Real "Maine-iacs" know the culture, were born and raised maine and aint never leaving! Test out just how maine you really are.

Created by: Megan of Myspace
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  1. Who is Bob Marley
  2. paris, china, & norway
  3. what is the nick-name given to the tourists from mass?
  4. the "offical" maine bird?
  5. the seadogs are what?
  6. what is a "native"
  7. Raymond, Eliot & Jay are what?
  8. Baxter, Bradbury & Douglas are what?
  9. Katahdin is what?
  10. what is the desert of maine?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Maine-iac?