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  • Hey it said to play runescape you need a mac. Well i have a s---ty 8 year dell with 1GB of RAM and Windows XP and played runescape with my slightly yonger Windows XP laptop owning friend and it was over achieving for some eight year old laptops. And as far as youtube goes when i hook my laptop to my tv and watch a video and it looks like im watching tv. And as speed goes 4 year old imacs have no chance for eight year old Dell Latitude D505 Windows XP

  • Are you a mac or a pc
    Your Result: You are a pc

    Very crappy at sometime but in a line of repeated macs you will stand out no matter how crappy. People will care for you more cause they know you'll brake down when the time comes around. now get out to the world get that pc and you'll stand out

  • Wow, that was a really stupid quiz. What's wrong with PCs? Also, not all Macs are as great as you imply they are. It depends on which model you get. In the meantime, you owe Bill Gates an apology.

  • Very biased quiz 1 stared

  • gross! a mac! I hate mac computers. we have them at my school, and they are totally gay! GO PC!

  • 2 words weird quiz


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