are you a liar?

do you ever wonder how much you tell the truth? well now you can tell if you just lie to get out of trouble, if you lie constantly or if youre just taking this quiz for fun (because i know you dont tell the truth all the time)

are you a truth teller, a liar, or does it depend? as far as i know, only with this quiz can you tell!-if you cant afford a lie detector, or youre not a convict/former convict

Created by: daniel johnson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok. so you might think youre kinda honest if youre taking this quiz. first question: do you go to school?
  2. next one: do you attend a job?
  3. do you enjoy your job/school?
  4. have you lied at all so far?
  5. approximately what time is it, right now, while youre taking this quiz?
  6. do you think that this quiz is actually accurate?
  7. are you bored, and are about 2 sconds from pressing back and going to another quiz?
  8. how did you find this quiz?
  9. is this the last question?
  10. do i have to make any more questions?
  11. ok do you want this test to tell you that youre a liar or a truth teller?

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Quiz topic: Am I a liar?