Are you a habitual liar?

liars are found in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms. but some of the hardest to spot are your best friends!! take this quiz to see if you can trust them, or if you can even trust yourself!! so if you think your tough enough come and test your own honesty

are YOU a habitual liar? do you want to find out? than take this quiz and send it to your friends to see if you can trust them!! do you believe that someone close to you is a habitual liar? send it to them and find out!! be careful if your sensitive

Created by: sydney

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you find yourself fibbing to your friends very often!!
  2. do you find yourself getting mixed up in your lies?
  3. do u stay up at night trying to think of lies?
  4. do your friends tell you you lie alot?
  5. have you ever been called out on a lie
  6. do you like thiz quiz so far
  7. do you have friends?
  8. are you a troubled individual
  9. do u take pleasure in getting away with lies
  10. did u like my quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a habitual liar?