Are you a Lesbian?

This quiz is designed to help you, not make your decision. please think about other things when deciding your sexuality, not just this quiz score. Answer the questions truthfully

It is ok to be different, You don't need to feel ashamed of who are, whether that's gay, straight, bi, pan, etc. I hope this quiz helps.. Thank you for taking this quiz.

Created by: Lauren

  1. Are you questioning your sexuality?
  2. Do you already identify as gay?
  3. Do you fantasize about other girls?
  4. Do you think your gay but denying it because you're afraid your parents, friends, or yourself won't approve?
  5. Say a friend that you have a crush on (girl) comes out as bisexual, What would you do?
  6. Are you afraid your gay because you are homophobic?
  7. If another girl wanted to talk things REALLY fast with you, would you?
  8. do you have sex dreams about boys or girls?
  9. Have you ever had sex with a girl?
  10. what age group do you fall under?
  11. hello, Im the creator of this quiz, I just want to say that its ok to be who you are no matter who approves or not, this quiz is not 100% accurate the only way you can know for sure is to use the information from this to help figure it out. If you have any personal questions on something that may affect you decision or if you just need someone to talk too my email is [no emails]. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ME.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Lesbian?