Are you a hyper freak?

This is a quiz to find out whether you have hyp---ess in your blood! Just enjoy the quiz and if you are normal remember we need normal people in the world to control those who are true hyper freaks. Stop drop and roll and quiz!

So what you waiting for! Just bubble in an answer! Maybe you're even a hyper expert! Drop your weapons...choclate bars.. or fireworks and start!!! Oh and no animals or humans were harmed in the making. =D

Created by: Jtb1996
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. pick a color quick!
  2. You just drank a whole fountain of choclate. whats the most hyper thing you'll do
  3. You have just gotten home after the choclate fountain incident. suddenly your radio turns on playing the gummie bear song.
  4. You find a pack of fireworks. what are you going to down now?
  5. who should be president?
  6. pick something to wear now!
  7. VERY IMPORTANT PLZ ANSWER THIS ONE....why is the sky blue?
  8. what are you gonna be for halloween.
  9. pick something.

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Quiz topic: Am I a hyper freak?