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  • I got a 14% it said "UR BUTT UGLY NO ONE LIKES U!!!!" I feel really bad about myself now, some people like me, in a friend way, and i get bullied... ATLEAST 67% of the day and on my bus I just sit in the corner and this makes me feel worse about myself, I believe beauty comes on the inside and this is just pure rude, now I feel like a sore loser.:(((((

    Quiet girl677 Jan 15 '15, 8:24PM
  • I'm 50% pretty... I guess that's pretty good ;)

    Horses Rock Nov 30 '14, 6:26PM
  • By the way I got a 50% is that awful!?!! Like seriously I just looked here and I way like fudge.

    Kaithekitten Aug 1 '14, 1:21AM
  • This quiz didn't add physical appearance. (I don't believe in inner beauty but inner speciality(one person: Adolf hitler=ugly both ways) so say something to that lemmings)
    So just because I have a bad taste(which is apparent) doesn't make me ugly. It's if you look like Quasimodo or not. Because let's be serious in this day and age 80% of people only go to people who are attractive. Sorry if you can't accept it(I can't) but that's how the ugly girl grumbles. Like a cookie. Sorry if I sound arrogant; I'm not, just realistic.

    Kaithekitten Aug 1 '14, 1:19AM
  • I think that you have insecurity issues, and you are using this quiz to put yourself above others. You seriously need help. Btw I KNOW I'm not ugly. People don't call someone Breathtakingly beautiful and not mean it.

    Former Model.

    Kristen97 Jun 21 '14, 10:25AM
  • I got 0%. (,: I feel so beautiful.

    BTRfreak Jul 10 '13, 2:07PM
  • took other quizzes said i was pretty even asked people that dont like me said was pretty but 21% really

    LivinOnLove Feb 18 '13, 10:11PM
  • This quiz completely confused me! Choose shopping if you're a girl, sports if you're a guy? I'm a girl, and perfectly decent sports like xc aren't even there... I just got lost. Based on the questions, I don't see how anyone could get an accurate result. I guess these things are just for fun, but here's my suggestions: -Spell correctly -don't make the questions do limited, I felt insulted when I read that girls shop rather than do sports -please make results more accurate.
    Anyway, thanks for making the quiz. I think I had more fun writing the comment than I did answering it.

    TurboElf Jun 11 '12, 10:15PM
  • whatever! 29%? i'm 1 of the hottest girls in my grade! psh! 29% my BUTT!

    kmin Apr 4 '12, 3:08PM
  • 21%?????
    I'm the prettiest girl in y school? And I get that!!!! I rated you a one by the way):

    Beautyqueen Mar 29 '12, 9:45PM
  • Oh if I wanna be prettier I have to act hot?!?!?!
    Or join a cheerleading squad?
    What kinda crap is that?!?!?!
    All because I wear a one piece bathing suit does not mean im ugly. It means I might want to swim...

    k 2456 Apr 12 '10, 2:49PM

    FatUglyPig Feb 2 '09, 10:08PM
  • 21% ur a dumbass

    Samantha Jul 31 '08, 2:37AM
  • 7% and the girl who made this quiz is a dumb b----!!

    MissGorgeous Jul 29 '08, 7:55PM

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