are you a horse lover

Hey there.This quiz is going to tell you if you truely love horses,you like horses,or you hate them and you need to get more experience on horses and get one.

Are YOU a horse lover?Do you have the power to love horses?After this test,you will truely know if you love horses or not.Do you think you do?well,you could be right!

Created by: abby

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  1. Do you ride horses?
  2. Do you love horses
  3. have you ever seen a horse
  4. have you ever touched a horse?
  5. do you own a horse
  6. do you want a horse
  7. if you had one,what would you name it and why
  8. if you had one,would you enter it in a competition
  9. if you want one,what would you do with it first
  10. when did you start loving horses

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Quiz topic: Am I a horse lover