Are you a healthy eater????

There are many people that eat and if they don't watch what they eat the can get very unhealthy. Think of all the children in Africa that are starving to death and we are using chemicals to make our food, this is not right.

Do you have the power to stop yourself from eating to much???? Or do you already master that power????? Try to think about what you eat not just letting yourself be driven away into danger

Created by: Fox1997

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What foods do you eat????
  2. What do you drink most of the time????
  3. How many meals do you eat a day????
  4. How many main meals do you eat in a day???
  5. Do you think you have a good diet????
  6. Do you like fresh food????
  7. What are you????
  8. Do you like fruits in your cerial????
  9. Do you like free range meat????
  10. Do you like microwave food???

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Quiz topic: Am I a healthy eater????