Are you a Harry Potter expert? (Part 5)

Hi guys! This is the fifth and last part of my 'Are you a Harry Potter expert?' quiz series. I have enjoyed making these quizzes and I hope you enjoyed taking them as well! You don't need to get upset if your score isn't what you expected it to be! Just enjoy!!

I would again like to thank a few people( with an addition this time!): aadee, funniebunnie01 and GreenEyedHippie, thank you for taking my quizzes and commenting on them! I really loved to have your opinion! And also a big thank you to all those who took my quizzes but didn't have an account! Thanks, all of you!

Created by: Zia
  1. How did Harry, Ron and Hermione get out of Gringotts?
  2. According to the prophecy, who else could Voldemort have chosen as his equal instead of Harry?
  3. Why was Harry called to the Ministry of Magic for a hearing?
  4. Which wizard of the Order was supposed to be following Harry when the dementors showed up?
  5. Which one of these does Harry find out to be related to Sirius Black?
  6. Who died in the Department of Mysteries?
  7. Who told Voldemort the prophecy?
  8. What is Aberforth Dumbledore's patronus?
  9. What does Harry fail in his O.W.L.?
  10. Which of these is not a broom?
  11. So, this was the last part!!! Hope you liked the series!
  12. aadee and funniebunnie01, I hope you score better in this last part! I've tried to make it easier! And GreenEyedHippie, I hope you score 100% in this one too!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter expert? (Part 5)