Are You A Good Quizmaker?

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Not many can make great quizzes. Its a very unique talent and is very rare when you look at the stats. So are you a good quizmaker or do you fail epicly like me :P

Yes so have fun. If you don't do well then don't worry about it. Maybe i messed up or something. So just have fun and try your best. And good luck....

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

  1. do your quizzes ever make it to the top 100?
  2. How about top 40?
  3. Do you usually get more good comments than bad?
  4. What about those little stars?
  5. Honestly here, are your quizzes really that good?
  6. Do you ever just babble or do dnfmasdnjfs-this?
  7. Do you really try to make good quizzes or are you just bored and need something to do?
  8. When you finish a quiz, are you happy with what you've done or do you regret even starting it?
  9. So last one- If you made a quiz that wasn't supposed to be random or anything would you throw in random statements like "Bananas are purple" or would you keep to the subject at hand?
  10. Okay so thank you for taking my quiz. I know I suck at making quizzes. I do, I admit it freely. But there are many people out there who are fantastic at this stuff. And without further ado (is that how you spell it :P) lets see if you are one of them...

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Quizmaker?