dangerous love

hey thanks for taking my quiz and i appricate you for that.this quiz is made specially for the quizmaker for the sereis for complicated difference.sadly she has ended her seeies so i decided to deticate the whold sereies to her.she inspired me for this quiz.enjoy

thanks again.if you did read this tell me in the comments and i will deticate you speciallt in the next sereies. good luck.i lohe you like it.oh man re reading that top part makes me wanna cry.lol sorry im sensitive.

Created by: i_love_mee

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  1. today is your first day of high school
  2. you get to your first call and it goes by really quick.as you are going to your locker you run into a guy who is slightly taller than you black hair and light brown eyes his hair is ear lenth.you books fall to the ground.surpisingly hes not mad and he picks up your books."thanks"you say and he says yourwelcome.then you contenue walking to your locker.you turn around and see the guy calling your name.you let him catch up."i dont believe i didnt introduce my name.my name is justin and i believe your name is ______.is that correct.""yes."you say"how did you konw my name."lucky guess."he says"well i should get to class now""bye"you say then you go into you locker get your books then you go to your next class.
  3. you are done with 3 classes then theres lunch.you sit with your best friend ashley.she invites you to her birthday party tomorrow start at 3 and ends at 2 hours after you get outta school so basicly its a sleepover.you agree to go and then you and the rest of your friends have random conversations then lunch is up and the day goes by fast.
  4. you walk home and you see alex,your best friend.you run up to him and you hug him.he backs up and frowns."whats wrong"you ask."i gotta bad cold so i stayed home"and then you notice he didnt show up.he said heonly wanted to go out to say hi and he asked if you could come to his house.you drop every think and walk inside.time passes fast and its 5 you hurry home pack your things and go to her house.you have a big huge fight in the doorway and you leave.you start to walk home but someone grabs you from behind.you kick them and they fall to the grownd.you run fast and faster but someone grabs you again but is too strong and you black out
  5. you wake up and see 4 guys standing in a room.the room was black walls and you were laying on a black couch infront of you were a flat screen tv and a little to the left was a small table with sheets of paper.on the paper all you could see was your name."whats that."you ask but all the guys just stand there looking and sttaring at you and each other.you look at one of the guys and then you say"holy crap its justin."he looks up and smiles."im glad you rember me."why am i here you start to say but then one of the guys say "______ ______ go up the stairs while looking out the window.
  6. you hear the urgency in his voice so you run up the stairs."alex go up the stairs with her."the one with the short curly brown hair with the black eyes step up.he leads you up the stairs.you sit there in the dark dark halway then you hear rambleng yelling and you hear glass braking.you hear a scary deep voice saying " ______ _______ i will get you and i will get you un expectantly and i willl KILL you."that was when you get to worried to scared and you run into a room.alex walks in and you two talk.you jump when you hear a ring on your phone.you see the number you get scared and your eyes widen you shake and tremble.alex comes and looks at the number then he is scared and yet angry the number says its from.....
  7. -.-.-.-.cliffhanger-.-.-.-.-.-.-
  8. plz comment and rate on my quiz.plz give suggesions and looks for new people and anything you want to happen.new twist or any thing
  9. thanks for taking my quiz
  10. bye
  11. oh sorry forgot plz read the top part plz its very important.to mee and if you do ittle be a point out to the others.just plz go to the top it means the world to me

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