Are you a good Pokmon trainer?

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Good job you have found my quiz and now you’ll be able to do it! [Or maybe not!] if you do you do it then have fun!! [It’s really pretty hard to!] yaaaay

Do it do it do it do it go on do it! When you’ve done it it’s good to have said maybe not 100% but you know what I mean right maybe I don’t know what I mean OK whatever!

Created by: ZacianVMAX

  1. Do you want to be a Pokémon trainer?
  2. Do you like Pokémon?
  3. Do you like legendary Pokémon?
  4. Ha!
  5. A couple more questions to go! do you want to be a good Pokémon trainer or not?
  6. Do you play Pokémon shield Pokémon sword? 🛡 🗡
  7. Do you like beef 🥩?
  8. Do you like bee’s 🐝
  9. Ya’ cool 😎
  10. Mmm 😋

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Quiz topic: Am I a good Pokmon trainer?