Which celebrity fitness trainer are you?

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If you could have a celebrity trainer that could whip your butt into shape, who would it be? This quiz will help you figure out the celebrity trainer inside you!

Take the quiz to find out which "trainer" you are. This might help you find out which beachbody program will help you lose weight, get fit and healthy. [no urls] teambeachbody.com/cam777

Created by: Corinne Genova of Crunch Time Fitness
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  1. Do you know what a burpee is?
  2. How much time do you have to work out a day?
  3. Do you want to dance during your workout?
  4. Would you like to share a laugh with your trainer or just get down to business?
  5. How many pushups can you do?
  6. Do you need motivation and inspiration during a workout?
  7. Are you neglecting your 3 gluteal muscles?
  8. Are you pumped up to start helping others get fit? Which workout do you have at home?
  9. Do you live in a cold or warm climate?
  10. Where do you like to workout?

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Quiz topic: Which celebrity fitness trainer am I?