Are You a Good Listener?

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You have a conversation daily, whether it be with a group of people, one other person or even to yourself. You end up talking daily (even if it was online). But have you ever wondered if you were a good listener or more a talker?

Are you a good listener or more of a talker? Well, you can find out here with my quiz! If you do take it, thanks so much! I really apprechiate it, and it'd be cool if you could rate & comment!

Created by: tomboykaitie

  1. Your friend is trying to talk up a storm. What do you do?
  2. In a conversation, what do you do most?
  3. How do you listen?
  4. How often do you talk during a regular conversation?
  5. Why would you take this quiz?
  6. Your friend was talking for a while, and then asks you "Do you understand?" What is most-likely your answer?
  7. After a while, when something continously happens, it's usually what you start to expect to happen. When your talking, what do you "expect"? (Not what you want them to do, what usually happens).
  8. A real boring family member: "So, I went to the store today to get some groceries, and I swear they didn't have anything I needed!" You say:
  9. Do you talk a lot?
  10. Which do you think of yourself as?

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