are you a good kisser

good kisser what makes a good kisser ? well from my stand point its someone who lips aren't crusty and got some nasty smelled breath okay lets face it no one wants to kiss if you breath is kicken !!!!!

heyy okay so you think your an ok kisser or you know you know how to leave them wanting more or its okay but you not very good actually well if you want to know but without wanting to experience rejection well just take the quiz baby and find out

Created by: dominique
  1. what condision are your lips in ?
  2. after a kiss does your partner have to wipe their face after ?
  3. do you use rough or soft kisses on a first date and not when your on your way to his bed
  4. do you use tounge on the first kiss?
  5. where do your hands go ?
  6. where do you like to kiss
  7. do you make sure you guys are on the same paste ?
  8. do you leave your mark so your different from others that he's/shes kissed?
  9. what kind of compliments do you get after a kiss ?
  10. which moment is right to kiss someone
  11. when is the right time to stop kissing

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Quiz topic: Am I a good kisser