R u a good kisser

Ok you want to know if your a great, a good, a ok, or a bad kisser. Well take this quiz and find out. Most people don't even read this but I still have to fill this out. So take the quiz!

This is a kissing quiz! Ok you can see that in the name and I don't lie so find out if you are a good kisser or if you suck at kissing well good luck to ya.

Created by: Jane doe

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the perfect kiss
  2. Where us the right spot to kiss
  3. What is a good first kiss
  4. Who makes the first move
  5. What type of kiss is good for public
  6. What if some one walks in on you making out
  7. If your parents say you can't kiss anyone
  8. If someone you don't like try's to kiss you you
  9. To hint that you want to kiss you
  10. Do you think your a good kisser (tell the truth)

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