Are you a good friend

Welcome to the wonderful quiz "Are you a good friend" You will see ten questions all about friendship, answer them, and you will be done. answer about your friendship and I will give some advice.

Are YOU a good friend? Do you have what it takes to get many friends? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: PS

  1. When you did something by accident that your friend might not like, you
  2. After you and your best friend are together
  3. Something really good happens to your BFF, are you happy and excited for her?
  4. When your BFF is angry and just need to talk, you'll listen
  5. When your BFF is angry and just need to talk, you'll listen
  6. You think you are being funny by commenting on your friend's new coat, but your comments really tick her off. you...
  7. A friend tells you that her mom has cancer and you tell someone else and soon it gets around the whole school, your friend is unbelievably angry with you, you...
  8. You are at you friend's house when your friend starts being really disrespectful towards her/his parents. You feel uncomfortable and decide to leave, later you...
  9. When you are together, do you spend most of your time competing?
  10. Do you find yourself purposely bothering her/him?

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