Does your best friend like you?

So, there are many good friends that are awesome in this world. Some are nice, plaid, pretty, or stylin. Or maybe sporty if your talking about a boy. Some are bad friends. There are many types.

Do you have what it takes to have a good friend that you or your BFF picked out? You definetly need to take this quiz. You'll never find out, and you will always wonder... if your friends bad!!!

Created by: Nicole
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  1. On a Saturday, and your BFF is going to the movies and who does she/he invite?
  2. Your best friends b-day is finally here! Who does she/he invite to the party?
  3. Does ur bff ignore u when with other friends of his/her?
  4. Rate her on the meter on how much u like her/he. (0-10)
  5. When you call ur bff, what does ur bff do?
  6. Is ur bff popular or has a big group of friends, so when she hangs out with you, she doesn't know when ur there or not?
  7. Her fav. color?
  8. Does she spend more time with u than with her other friends?
  9. Okay, we r done with this quiz. Rate it please. Did it help?
  10. Quick, pick one!

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Quiz topic: Does my best friend like you?