Would you be my friend?

Would you be most likely to be our friend? there are many types of friends. The faraway friend, the close friend, the cheering up friend. But we are talking Best friend. Do you think you could be that?

It may be possible! But it might- hey, no one reads these parts any ways. They're just a waste. But if you are reading this right now, well you must like to read! Anyway, enough of our nonsense! Lets begin the quiz! Here it goes...

Created by: Amy with Cecily's Help
  1. Do you like to talk fast?
  2. My crush likes my friend i;m down in the dumps how would cheer me up
  3. What's your favorite summer activity?
  4. we get into trouble and it's your fault. what do you do?
  5. You have found out a HUGE secret about your BFF. She begs you not to tell. What do you do?
  6. it's my b-day today you...
  7. Your friend gets an A on a test and someone says she cheated. Suddenly half the class starts yelling at her" YOU CHEATED! YOU CHEATED!" with that girl. Including you.( Hey, she was popular!) Your friend is furious at you. What do you do??
  8. you and me both like the same person what happens?
  9. We are having a playdate. Whats the first thing you'd do?
  10. we get two hot dogs and i drop mine you..

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