What's Your Friend Situation?

There's a new girl on the block-do you say hi? That's one of the many dilemmas in a friendly society. A true friend would welcome her, while worse friend would ignore her until she proves interesting or nice to you.

Are you a friend-a TRUE friend? If there's a mean girl on your street, will you terrorize her, hide, or give cookies? You might not know, but with this quiz, you'll definitely find out!

Created by: marty
  1. You have a cookie in your lunch that your mom made. It's the last one, and your friend is a total cookie maniac. Do you share it?
  2. The famous school bully is at it again-except he's teasing your best friend! What is your response?
  3. You see your friend-s/he's upset. Do you say hi?
  4. You just visited your rich grandma over the summer, and she gave you an expensive ring. It's very large and has a thousand diamond chips. But you see your friend in the hallway: what do you do?
  5. You and your friend just a big blow-up over a music band, and now you're separated. It's been two hours and s/he hasn't said anything. Should you break the ice?
  6. You have a really good friend who's a different religion. When s/he can't do something with you because of it, what is your reaction?
  7. Your friend is really popular, and you're okay with that. But your grades are slipping to C's-while s/he's getting an A+! What do you do?
  8. If there was one word/phrase that could describe you and your friend situation, what would it be?
  9. Your absolute best friend is moving away. What do you do?
  10. Your friend suddenly is hanging with the popular crowd. What is your response?
  11. Your friend has a new cell phone-the most popular one that YOU wanted. What do you do?
  12. If there was a color for your friendship, would it be:
  13. You have a new video game that seems to hate you. Every turn you make leads to disaster. But when you find out your friend has tricks up his/her sleeve. What would you do for those things?
  14. You have a computer program that allows you to make an avatar and chat with other kids online that have the program too. Your friend gets it- but his/her avatar looks terrible What do you do?
  15. There's a new girl on the block-do you say hi to her or no?

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