Are You a Good Babysitter?? Take This Quiz!

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Are you a good baby sitter in your opinion?

Created by: Christ Love
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  1. Okay!!! You will handle 2 kids. Kim and Tim. Twins need help. Can you babysit them for me?
  2. Tim is dirty and needs a bath. Wat to do.
  3. Tim and Kim wanna watch tv. Wat do they watch?
  4. You are hungry wat to buy them
  5. You need to dress them they played in mud.
  6. Are you a good baby sitter
  7. They are how old twins
  8. Are you a Christan
  9. If you said yes. Give them a bible! (:D
  10. Should i make another quiz. Waht should it be about did u like this quiz will you comment and rate????
  11. Watch stampylongheads utube vids look up stampy real life for pics

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Quiz topic: Am I a Good Babysitter?? Take This Quiz!