How much of an Avatar the Last Airbender expert are you?

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Created by: Sauron

  1. What happens to Azula after she tries to capture Zuko and Iroh in the beginning of Book 2?
  2. Who is the Blue Spirit?
  3. When the AangGang are trapped in the tunnels of Oma and Shu, what animals try to attack them, and are soon frightened away by badgermoles?
  4. What color of dress is Katara wearing at the end of the last episode?
  5. Why are Azula, Ty-lee, and Mai able to track Appa and them through the whole night in one episode?
  6. What does the little boy dressed like Aang at the play say to Zuko when he sees them in the hall? (Paraphrasing here...)
  7. And what side is Zuko’s scar on? (To someone who sees him)
  8. Why does Sokka get annoyed in the very beginning of the Fortune Teller episode in Book 1?
  9. Who plays the fire lord Ozai in real life?
  10. Sorry this is pretty random, but in the episode “The Headband”, there was a deleted scene that would have shown Sokka dancing by himself. What song is released on Youtube and would have played during this scene?
  11. What type of bending was Katara expected to only learn when they got to the Northern Water Tribe?
  12. Who plays Toph in the play, and what is her reaction?
  13. What color of “sails” are on Aang’s second staff?
  14. What happens to Iroh in the forest when him and Zuko are first on the run?
  15. Who does Aang talk to, and what does he talk about, when in an EarthKingdom prison, blamed for the murder of one of the towns last leaders?
  16. Who had the worst Zuko field trip, in their opinion?
  17. What did Iroh do in the Lost Days episode?
  18. Who are actually a couple?
  19. Who frees Appa from the Dai Li ?
  20. Gooooood luuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!

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Quiz topic: How much of an Avatar the Last Airbender expert am I?