Are You A Gleek?

Glee is the best show ever and you know it! Many people want to be a real gleek and not just a fan, I mean, who wouldn't? It is amazing and for people to come to you for answers about glee would be great!

Do you have what it takes to be a gleek? Take this quiz and find out if you have what it takes to call yourself a gleek! A mega fan to this amazing show! It only takes a couple minutes.

Created by: Angela

  1. Whose audition wasn't shown in the pilot?
  2. Did Tina and Artie Date?
  3. Who Was the Father of Quinn's Baby?
  4. In what episode name did Will find out about Terri faking her pregnancy?
  5. In what episode did Finn say "I love you" to Rachel?
  6. Who did Quinn cheat on Sam with?
  7. In what episode did Finn break up with Quinn to be with Rachel?
  8. How did Artie get into a wheelchair?
  9. Who said "you're annoying most of the time but don't take that personally." to Rachel?
  10. What school does Blaine go to?

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