Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?

A tomboy is a girl who acts boyish and has boyish likes....a girly girl is a girl who is happy to be a girl and likes girl qualities and things...The two are very very different.

Are you a tomboy!? or are U one of the girly girls!? well if u wanna kno, Uve clicked on the right quiz..Take it, it doesnt require tht much brain power either! =]

Created by: Kimmy $ Grace

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  1. Ud rather get a Mani/Pedi than go to a basketball game with ur buddies?
  2. A totally cute boy walks up to u.....
  3. Pink or Black?
  4. On the T.V. show Roseanne..Which character would u rather be?
  5. When u go to the mall u buy...
  6. Would u rather wear a thong or girl boxers
  7. Princess Diaries or Transformers?
  8. Just pick.....
  9. Video games or a game of truth or dare?
  10. What would u rather call urself anyway....
  11. Last question: sparkling apple juice or Pepsi

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Quiz topic: Am I a girly girl or a tomboy?