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  • I got, I am a girl and I love it though I am male in real life, but I have always considered myself as a woman, I do dress like a woman whenever I can and also go out in it, I am yet to perfect it as I get stared at. Anyways thanks for the Girl verdict, I will try to get 100 present Girl verdict very soon.

  • I'm a girl on the inside. The quiz says that I'm 37% percent a women. Which is fairly accurate. I dress up as a boy, because of how I was born. I like wearing Nail Polish. Painting my Nails makes me, so happy, and it relaxes me. I have a Female Soul. I'm starting to get my Female Voice. I love this quiz!!! It's fun being a Lady!!!

  • Twenty eight percent girl,lol I am a girl as u can tell by my username but I don't act like one whatsoever. I like being active and adventurous than worried about my appearance and drama. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • 60% female. Probably some what accurate. I am bi gender born male. Have a good harmony between my two genders but always have prefer to be female. Most happy when I am dressing as a woman.

  • I am 24 percent a girl wich which I agree with I am a tomboy this quiz is right on it that

  • Congrats

  • I got I am a girl am a guy in real life but I know I Am was always a woman :)

    Princess Emma123
  • I am sure I am more girl than the quiz thinks I am..

  • I got full boy I'm a girly girl my ROOM IS PINK

  • 37% girl-

    well i am 100% girl but i guess i act more like a guy


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