are you a gangsta

are you a true gangsta. If you think your are take this quiz. Maybe your one but dont get your hopes up! i dont think youre wrong! But maybe you can prove me wrong! but then again Maybe not

are you smart enough to hold a weapon like a true gangster? You got the fire power? Well get ready for this quiz. Because maybe you are a gangster but maybe you are not and just a dumb person that wants to be a gangster.

Created by: domokun

  1. if you could choose a weapon witch one would it be?
  2. if you were getting shot in a drive by were would you take cover?
  3. you encounter an enemy gang what do you do?
  4. if another gang killed your mama what would you do?
  5. if you could save some that was shot who would it be?
  6. fav color
  7. do you like this quiz
  8. what is the best gun out of these?
  9. if you could blow somthing up what would it be?
  10. smothing blows up wat do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a gangsta