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  • my mom was a teen mom and I think im pregnant (im almost 15), I told her and she wasn't mad... but she knows we aren't sure yet, and thankfully she helped my prepare just in case. Also I have a doctors appointment in and hour to see if im pregnant or not, ill post thins in an hour...

    Uh yeah, im pregnant... with triplets...two identical and one fraternal, we don't know the genders yet though, my mom was kinda mad but she still supported me.

  • You are 45% likely.

    It is unlikely that you will find yourself pregnant as a teenager, and it is even less likely that at the end of those strenuous nine months you will be a teenage mother. Depending on your life ambitions: Well done, or I am sorry.

    i am 13 and my mom said if i do become pregnant that she will be mad, i mean who would not be mad but still, that it would be my choose of what to do i whould keep my child

  • I got 82% percent and thats accurate because im 13 and i've already had a son named kyrie and im pregnant again with twin girls i got disowned and i now live with my cousins

  • i got 52% im pretty happy about it something always has told me in life i will have kids young but im not going to do it on purpose. if i have a kid young i will love them no differently as if i had them older. i know my parents would be mad at first but they will move forward from it and be supportive. they have always been so supportive for me no matter what. im turning (15 in a month) and no i am not pregnant. im a virgin.

  • I got a 65% on the quiz, which I honestly thought I would get higher because I have wanted to be a mom since I was 12. and I'm planning on becoming a teen mom within the next year(I'm 15 right now)

    • I honestly was expecting my result alot because (I got 96%) because I've wanted to be a mother since I was 12 too and rlly want to plan becoming a teenage mum like you just after my gcse hope everything goes to plan x

  • 18% thank god for that. Dad would shoot me and the guy that got me pregnant lmao tho he would probably shoot him more than once... Donyt want children really at all. Unless I adopted but that's different

  • I got 55%. This is quite bad because Im almost 14 and DO NOT want to be one. We will just have to see, if I am I will raise it well, but Ill properly get disowned or something and have to live with the father, but whatever

    A Rose
  • I got 83% and I happy about. Ive always wanted to be a teen mom. I already have names planned out. I plan on becoming a mom really soon. (Im 15 now) but I plan on having a baby now or when Im 16

  • I got a 51% chance of becoming a teen mom! I'm kinda happy bc I've always wanted to be a teen mom since.... forever! I'm currently 14 but i plan on being one next year! My mom probably wouldn't care but my dad would probably hate me for like a year but tbh idc what he thinks.... Do yall think its a good idea to go with my plan?

  • Im 14 and really hoping for a baby, its all I want to do in life is watch something blossom because of my love and support.

  • I got 75% which is good because I do want to be a teen mom so bad!(im 13 rn)

  • I am 73 percent of being a teenage mother. (I am 10 years old.) I would love to be pregnant at the age of 16-17. I love this test.

  • I got a 76% which im kind of ok with cause i kind of want to be a teen mom >.< (im 13 by the way)

    • I got 96% I'm 13 now so I'm very exited I rlly want a baby before my gcse it would be amazing my dream come tru

  • well it implies that i would have an abortion even though i answered pro life

    and i woulod never get preganant anyways until marriage....

  • I got 76% this quiz was atoully right becouse i took this 1 year ago and i am a mother of a 11 mon year old girl kiera

  • Yay! 22%! Good thing, because I'm a boyfriendless virgin.

  • I got 37% Likely and I'm glad. I don't want to be in High school and have a kid!

  • 29% Good... My mum would kill me if I did :O Plus I don't wanna soo, anyway good quiz :)

    Loony Luna
  • Yeyyyy!! I think this quiz is accurate cuz I got 88% and I do want to become a teen mom!! (16yo)

  • i took it and got 28%
    my friend took it and got 97%
    (she's going shopping for it now...)

  • I got 64%...dam...and I'm only 11. -_- This makes me feel like a f---ed up b----, well IMMA VIRGAN! (of course -.-) But some of the ppl in mi grade or whatever, they already did it. o.o'

    I kinda feel left out.. :/
    Sigh..what to do, what to do? (plz help >_

  • I got only 8% wow.....good man, good!!


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