are you a freak sped

this quiz shows perfectly normal thing in it just the point is to pick the normal things to be normal its a very simple way to get your attention to notice that sped are different but begin normal is your speeds dream

are you a sped do have the brain power to be normal or even qualify for a d+ or e maybe or maybe not well did you no that you are now a smart rat if you tried you can do any thing ,do not take that serous,or be on top

Created by: billy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what would you prefer out of these simple objects
  2. how would seem more attractive in your eyes
  3. if some body came up to you and called you a ****en sped how would you react
  4. what sort of friends do like to hang out with
  5. what is a good time to you
  6. what kind of girls do you like
  7. what kind of boys do you like
  8. how do you get around
  9. how do you feel about society and people around it
  10. what name do you prefer

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Quiz topic: Am I a freak sped