Are You a Freak or a Genius?

There are some true genius found in this world, Afterall, true geniusses are quite exceptional...hahas...A freak is sometimes reali freaky but tyrue geniusses are very difficult to be... hahas.

if you want to know how freaky or how genius you are,So come on, try this quiz and you will know your true self and if you are 100% genius or a 100% Freak! HAHAS....

Created by: Freaky Genius

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  1. what is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10?
  2. How hot is the sun?
  3. When will the new harry potter movie be released?
  4. What animal is represented in the year 1960?
  5. What does PSA stand for (in singapore)?
  6. What does URA Stand for?
  7. What is 2(5a+9b)+3c+(-4d+6a)?
  8. Who is the author of Harry potter?
  9. Are You stupid?
  10. what is one of the character names in the book, the series of unfortunate events?
  11. How long is jupitar's Orbit?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Freak or a Genius?