Spedification Quiz

Hi! this is a sped quiz. If you kno your not sped you should just leave right now. But if your curious about how sped you are then take this quiz! Its totaly sped!

Just to let you kno this is a very complex(it means difficult btw) quiz! Dont get mad if you dont get the results you wanted. Its your fault! So no your not alowed to sue! cuz thats just not a nice thing to do. J/K lol ok bi.

Created by: Brandi of me
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  1. what is your favorite color
  2. what is your favorite food
  3. what color is Fred Fredburger?
  4. cows go...?
  5. whta does COULROPHOBIA mean?
  6. fibonnicci is?
  7. if i called you a JUAN PABLO how would you feel about that?
  9. NAGEM means?
  10. PLEBIABOO is...?
  11. what is a really rare flesh eating disease u can get?
  12. SIONILLI QUA QUA means
  13. YLIME means?
  14. ergophobia is
  15. how many zeros are here? 0000
  16. If you go to a football game, how do you act?
  17. When your talking to someone you just nod your head and smile-even if your clueless.
  18. If someone told you there was a prize in the computer would you take it apart?
  19. Do you answer your own questions?
  20. Do you ever ask people a question and the stare or laugh at you?
  21. A car speeds towards you, what do you do?
  22. do you think your sped?
  23. do you think this was a good sped test?
  24. is this the last question?
  25. wat was the 3rd question i asked?
  26. cookie!

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