Are you a flirt?

Okay, some people are crazy flirts. You know who you are. Some are okay with it. You know who YOU are. And some are freakazoids who don't have a clue.

Are you a reg flirt or do you have problems? Do you have the average mind of flirt? Just imagine. Oh yeah, you can't! But this quiz can give you a huge hand. Trust me, I know people who are ALL of these answers so I know who you are. :)

Created by: Peyton

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  1. He leans in for the kiss...
  2. "Do you want to have smex with me?" The guy/gal asks.
  3. "Why are you so touchy?" He/She asks
  4. He/She breaks up with you on a romantic walk on the beach. You:
  5. "I can't go in your bed anymore. It's too small for me." He/She says.
  6. Your lips are chapped. He leans in...
  7. He just bought you a new car. Then he asks you to go out with him. He's rich, but a snob.
  8. Oh my god. He's right there. You go up and tell him "Hey, He/She's Name!"
  9. He just slapped your best friend. Do you still like him?
  10. "I only like guys/girls who have tattoos." He/She says. And you HATE tattoos.

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Quiz topic: Am I a flirt?