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  • Your Result: Normal

    You are just right! Congratulations! Don't gain any more weight unless you want tp be fat. If so, why? Just curious! I hate the minimum character limit.

    All right!!!

  • Your Result: Obese 86%

    Geez, you have one enourmous belly. Lay off the dweets and work out, unless you like being fat. If you like being fat, please tell me why! I'm curious!

    28% Fat
    1% Skinny
    0% Chubby
    0% Normal

    Shayne W Shay
  • Your Result: Fat

    You are fat. Lay off the mcdonalds. Work out more often. Unless you want to be fat. If you want to be fat, then good job! Just wondering, why would you want to be fat? Comment below!


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