are you a fashionista or model worthy?

my quiz is for all those models that want to know who they are all my quizzes are all about kindness happiness and girl power I love you guys so much thank you!

Everyone is is allowed on my quiz no matter who you are I don't have a lot of confidence I mean I'm only 10 I want to make people happy like you and many other people!

Created by: northwind

  1. are you usually a shy person?
  2. what would you wear
  3. you're about to go on the catwalk in five mins but you dress rips what do you do?
  4. what do you think a model should be
  5. what do you wear to prom?
  6. what's your pose
  7. no effect]do you like my quiz
  8. do you wear make up
  9. your crush does not like you you say
  10. last one do you think you are worthy

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Quiz topic: Am I a fashionista or model worthy?