Are you a fashionista?

There are many people who THINK they are fashionistas out there but not very many TRUE fashionistas. Many people don't even know if there is such a thing as a fashionista. It's not even in the dictionary!

Let's find out if YOU are one. If you got mostly A's, you ARE one. If you got mostly B's, you MIGHT be one. If you got mostly C's, your are definitely NOT!

Created by: Margaret
  1. On the first day of school what do you put on?
  2. At your sister's graduation what do you put on?
  3. On your first date you wear...
  4. On the red carpet you wear...
  5. What do you wear to Obama's speech?
  6. Who is your favorite fashionista?
  7. For Halloween you wanna be...
  8. Do you like/wear skinny jeans?
  9. Do you wear bangles?
  10. Do you think you are a fashionista?

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Quiz topic: Am I a fashionista?