are you a emo poser?

i made this quiz because everyone in my school gets emos confused with posers. so i made this quiz to tell the posers from the real emos. they think just because some people cut themselves they are emo. so i hope you enjoy this quiz

do you think you are emo? do you cry yourself to sleep every night? is your dairy your best friend? well find out here if you are emo or just another poser.

Created by: piz

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  1. do you listen to bands like'dashboard confessional' and'the all american rejects'?
  2. do you cut yourself because you are emo? or because that is what you think all emos do?
  3. do you cry yourself to sleep every night?
  4. do you wear skin-tight clothes?
  5. do you shop at hot topic?
  6. do you jump around when you go to concerts?
  7. do you wear dark make-up alot?
  8. do you wear nail polish?
  9. do you have black hair with major bangs?
  10. do you consider yourself dark and sensitive with low self esteme?
  11. do you have real problems?
  12. is your dairy your best-friend?
  13. do you write sucide notes?
  14. do you play electric gutiar?
  15. last question: do you have a lip/eyebrow piercing(s)

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Quiz topic: Am I a emo poser?