Are You Emo Or A Poser?

Emo, just look at it, you can see that it's and abbreviation of emotional. What makes somebody emo? It's simple: you like rock/emo/screamo, you dress a certain way, you have emotions and you express yourself through music and your talents.

Are you emo? You may call yourself goth and be emo, or call yourself emo and be a complete poser! Find out just how emo u r. Do u listen to screamo? Do you like wearing black? What do your tastes in lyrics have to say about your emo/poser status? Find out!

Created by: Natahlia

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  1. Why would you think you're emo?
  2. What bands would you prefer to listen to any time?
  3. What colors do you like?
  4. At school, who do you look for to fit in or be friends with?
  5. Do u write poetry?
  6. If you were to be lead vox of a emo band, how would your lyrics sound?
  7. You see an emo looking person on your block, you.
  8. Somebody asks you if you're emo, you.
  9. Do u think all emos have to be bi or gay?
  10. How would you describe your hair?
  11. If you had an emo band, what would be it's descriptive name?

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