the hardest emo test

this is a one of a kind quiz that test your skills of a true emo also a great place to separate you and the posers or you and the emos well whatever you get what I mean

you better score a 40% or high or you are considered a poser which I dont like and if you do score terrible wait until you see my comments eee! you wont like it

Created by: uisdooshbag
  1. what does emo mainly means?
  2. when was emo formed?
  3. where was emo formed?
  4. out of all of these bands which is considered not a emo band?
  5. which symbol belongs to emo?
  6. true or false? emo music then is not as chaotic as now
  7. why do emos have fringes?
  8. what do emo worship?
  9. which song title is emo? from a emo band
  10. which celebs is actually emo?
  11. emo clothing
  12. do all emos cut themselves?

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