Are you a die-hard Evanescence fan?

There are the die hard Ev fans, the poser Ev fans, and the pretty normal Ev fans. A die hard Ev fan is someone who knows nearly every little detail about them (and the lead singer), and who know most/all the words to their songs nd has/has plans to go see a show live. A poser Ev fan is someone who only knows a couple songs, like Bring Me To Life and My Immortal and claims to be this huge fan when they don't even know the lead singer's name. A normal Ev fan is someone who knows more than just BMTL and My Immortal, but who knows less than a die hard fan. They are the 2nd most common kind (poser=1st die hard=least).

Are you a die hard fan of Evanescence? If so, that rocks, but maybe you aren't and re just a poser. If you score above 80%, congratz, you're pretty much awesome. If you get less that 60%, You're okay, you know, blah blah. Less than 20%, you're a poser, foo. Have fun taking the quiz! =D

Created by: DarkKitty
  1. What is the lead singer's name?
  2. What is one of the guitar player's name?
  3. What is the drummer's name?
  4. What is the bassist's name?
  5. How many albums do they have? (that are not demos + EPs)
  6. That last question wasn't a trick. Die hard Ev fans know I'm including the dvd. Anyway, what is the name of their demo?
  7. Now for a harder question. (Maybe. You die hard kids [or adults] will know this.) How many songs do they have, including the dvd (cd) and not including their demo or EPs?
  8. Okay that last question wasn't that hard. What are part of the lyrics in "Snow White Queen" ?
  9. Is the lead singer married?
  10. What is the lead singer's fave song on Fallen?
  11. What is the lead singer's fave song on T.O.D.? (you die hard fans will know-- SHOULD know --what that is)
  12. What are their album's names?
  13. Do you even like Ev?

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Quiz topic: Am I a die-hard Evanescence fan?