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  • I can't tell if I am Athena's or Poseidon's daughter, if I even am a demigod... but strange things have been happening during the summer break after I turned 15... IF I was a demigod, and I hear whispering like all the time but can't make out the words, and I don't see anyone around me, do you think I'm hearing monsters or something? Also, is it weird if I started seeing more bugs than usual in my apartment, and I would always see them coming towards me before I kill them? I always feel like I'm being watched... and I went outside, today, for a moment just to get some fresh air and this boy walked by me and he was staring at me with big cold brownish-black eyes... It was so creepy, it was like he was staring into my soul trying to kill me from the inside-out or something, what a creep... I'm serious, I think both of his eyeballs were almost pure black... Scary... :/

    I swear, I have the worst luck... :/

    Elaine Evans
  • Hey everyone! PLEASE comment and give a (good) rating! Thanks! And "Give peace a chance!" - John Lennon

  • Dude!Try this-Are you a Greek freak!!


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