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  • Sweet, that is so Awesome to know that I definitely am a demigod!!!! :) :D Hey, if I am a demigod, and I hear whispering like all the time but I can't make out the words, do you think I'm hearing monsters or ghosts or something? Also, is it weird if this summer after I turned 15, I started seeing more bugs than usual in my apartment, and I would always see them coming towards me before I kill them? I always feel like I'm being watched...

    Elaine Evans
  • Your Result: Yes

    You are a demigod of the Greek gods. You love adventuring and questing. Good luck on making it to camp.

  • Me and u got the same rults if I mispelled any thing worng it's my desliya and I'm going off tract because of my ADHD

  • Okay.... Let's find a weapon....and make IT to the camp..... (I've seen an scary


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