Are you a DDR freak?

Almost everyone likes DDR. It's a great game that has been sweeping the nation. How good are you at it? Are you just getting into it and playing light? Or, are you starting to get bored of those easy 10s? Well, this quiz has nothing to do with that!

How do you know your DDR? Do you know enough to be considered a DDR FREAK? Take this quiz to find out! WARNING: This quiz is not for people new to the game.

Created by: TJ

  1. What song has the slowest BPM that you must still hit an arrow(s)?
  2. What song has the highest BPM?
  3. Which of these is the vocal mix of the song?
  4. How many mixes of Dynamite Rave are there?
  5. How many stops are in CHAOS?
  6. Which of these songs are NOT by dj TAKA?
  7. Which of these songs does NOT have a 10 foot step chart?
  8. How many quarter notes are in CHAOS on expert (heavy)?
  9. WhAccording to DDR EXTREME's grading system, how many steps are in 321 STARS?
  10. How many PARANOiA mixes have appeared in arcade versions?

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Quiz topic: Am I a DDR freak?